The workshop is for marketers who want to gain a deeper understanding of what Zimbabweans read, watch and listen to and what their buying habits are.

What Zimbabweans read, watch and listen to and what their buying habits are. The research tells you who is reading which newspaper, the TV programmes they enjoy, the time they listen to which radio channel as well as whether they use the Internet, are Facebook fans, own a cellphone—or have insurance. It is the single most valuable tool for anyone doing business in Zimbabwe or Africa.






Greetings from ZARF, we are pleased to inform you that ZARF will be having the ZAMPS Data mining workshops. It will consist of a Power Point presentation  by Brian Mahuni(TRS) who will take you through to Questions and Answers, At the end of the initial workshop.

The workshop would comprise going through the L.S.M’s and then explaining  how to use  the data on the disk to draw up a media plan.

Venue, ZARF Training room,22 Maiden Drive, Newlands.

For further information please Contact Us  to book your places, a maximum of 16 per course is anticipated.



ZARF offers workshops on the Zimbabwe All Media and Products Survey. These are held at the ZARF training room, 22 ,Maiden Drive, Newlands, Northway, for up to 15 participants: in-house training can be arranged to suit stations, publications and agencies.


Introduction to ZARF and ZAMPS

This looks at why the industry felt the need to form an independent organisation to manage media research, who is involved with in, what they do and how it operates. The second part of the morning looks at the highlights from the last survey.



Understanding ZAMPS, media planning

Part two looks at the questionnaire, to establish what questions are being asked, then it takes time to explain what the various LSMs represent and finally participants will be shown how to use the ZAMPS’ data to draw up media plans.

Cost: $50 for  per participant: must be paid in advance.

To book please contact Linda Madzima. @


Essential information for anyone who wants to understand ZAMPS, the local market and media houses and to find out how to draw up media schedules


2019 Feb March
Finance Workshop 8  
Media Workshop   8